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Hello Matthias,
To stretch I use the partial select (works great). In our designs we use quite a lot of Arrays I do not want to move. Is there a way to combine the partial select with the Menu Edit - Select to select Polygons ,Boxes, partial shapes only?
Thanks in advance,


  • I don't know whether an array of primitive objects is treated
    as an instance but the select-filter might be the handle you
    are looking for?

    If arrayed primitives are not able to be separated from single
    primitives in this way, perhaps you want to "make cell" on
    these arrays, so that they can be suppressed by that check-box.

    I would like to see some additional means of constraining
    instance selection, my mental model is along the lines of
    Cadence's use of the instance/drawing layer to define the
    selectable extent of an instance (works on symbol as well
    as layout). I liked to put such a rectangle around the cell
    name text I place, for a fairly obvious "place to try" and a
    very constrained select-handle which really cuts down on

    I could also be happy with some sort of "Don't select me, Bro!"
    property that would let instance placement / deletion be
    "locked out" unless property-edited. For example a pad-ring
    construct with chip-scale extents is a constant nuisance for
    getting selected when it should be pinned down. Finding a
    way to make particular instances not-selectable while others
    are let to be "in work", would be a real finger-fumble-relief.

  • Hello Dick,
    thanks for your feedback. Your solution describes my issue with partial select. I tried this menu first to avoid the array selecting. That's the reason for this post - Arrays are independent from instance selections in partial mode. Creating cells of all existing arrays is not an option due to the way of working.
    Using Cadence and other commercial tools as well - I like to work with KLayout because it is not trying to become a Cadence clone. If you have some ideas to improve like constraining - Adding user properties exist already with the instance Properties - you could use python or ruby to implement such feature.
    Best Regards,

  • Hi all,

    thanks for these inputs. I have actually not thought too deeply about these problems.

    I guess constraining the partial select is possible. "Fixed instances" would be the equivalence of "invalid layers". I have not idea yet how to implement this given the limited features of GDS.

    I'm aware by the way that Cadence is "different". I see many small features that make life easier in Cadence (for example, property editing directly affects the object without having the press "Apply"). I hope you don't mind if I made KLayout a little more "Cadence alike" in this respect :)

    Best regards


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