variable value changes when it has more than decimal third points

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I have some problems when I have decimal third points value in the variable.

param(:nSource, TypeDouble, "nSource", :default => 3.75, :unit => "µm", :hidden => true)

when I declare the variable like this, nSource does not have 3.75 but 3.7500000000000000....2 like this.
Therefore, I always have to round function for getting 3.75.

However, as I calculate many values in the code, I cannot use round function for all of variable changes.
I mean, if I have to do, I should, but is there any way that I do not get that kinda infinit approximated number?

it happends when i pass the parameter from user input.
When I input the value 1.25, then the code has 1.25000000000000000002.

what is the problem?

And, if I can, I want to make the variable as a container which only can contain maximum 3 decimal point number.
for example, if the variable has 1.1, then 1.1, when it has 1.6467, then 1.647 like this.


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    Basically that's a common thing with standard floating-point arithmetics.

    Read this first:

    For avoiding this, use sprintf-like formatting of numbers before printing them, e.g. s = "%.12g" % n.


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