Mouse Wheel Support

KLayout uses the mouse wheel to zoom or pan and the behaviour can be adjusted in the Setup "Navigation/Zoom and Pan" but it cannot be switched off. Apples Magic Mouse uses a touch sensitive casing that is used as 2 dim mouse wheel and is very sensitive. It is great for scrolling pages but in KLayout it is much to nervous and permanently induces zoom/pan operations.

Is there any way to switch the mouse wheel off?

Note that setting the "Pan distance" to a very small value doesn't not solve anything. Movements are still triggered, albeit very small steps. But then the same is also applied to Pan/Zoom triggered with the keyboard which is not useful.




  • Hi Marko,

    that can be done, but frankly I'm a bit tired of working around Apple's "special" system. I'm not an Apple user, so I'm not really aware of usability issues there.

    Talking seriously: I start thinking that Apple supports needs a different approach. Everything is expensive about their system and they constantly come up with new "magic" specialities. Apple is something for professionals and not for a single-headcount spare time project such as mine.

    Would you be willing to pay for a KLayout license on Apple? Maybe there is someone out there who would give you maintenance and true Apple support in return.


  • Hi Matthias,

    I can somewhat understand your complaint but here it is not necessarily connected to Apple doing things differently. There are other mice using free-spinning wheels or touch areas that might have similar problems. Then the issue has more to do with the way I navigate in KLayout using the keyboard for pan and zoom movements in WASD configuration.

    There is no need for a special workaround but the simple question if there is an existing option to switch the mouse wheel off, aside from the two different modes already available from the settings. There is none, fine case closed.


  • I don't know from Apple, but in Windows (and especially
    with aftermarket mouses) there is often a sensitivity /
    speed / velocity sensitivity settings-panel you can get to.
    Maybe there is some layer like that, that you can get at?

  • Hi Marko,

    I'm not saying I'm not going to add a feature to switch off the wheel mode, but I can't anticipate what Apple will come up with their next hardware fashion. Just don't expect Apple support to be a good as Windows and Linux support.


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