Error in saving the file

I am trying to save my layout. Firstly, I imported an oasis file of my layout in cadence and it loaded without any issues. But when I am trying to save or save as GDS, I observe the following error "M_construct null not valid". Any clue why this happens?



  • There was another post like this pretty recently, something
    about recursive hierarchy if I recall?

  • You mean you have imported into KLayout, not Cadence, right?

    I have never seen such a thing, I'm sorry.

    Maybe there is an empty string (label without text) inside your file, but technically that's just empty, not "null". I'd be able to help if you could send me a small sample that reproduces the problem.

    A workaround might be to first save as OASIS and then try to load this saved file and save it as GDS.


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