Help with creating verification runsets

I could use some help in building verification decks
for a technology I've been working in. I want to learn
but not have progress determined by my self-study
pace, when I could "buy a vowel".

I would like to engage someone skilled / experienced
at this (Ruby, OO programming) and cognizant of
verification purpose, methods, logic, gotchas to be
a tutor / advisor / handler of gnarly bits. When I bump
up against a clue deficit I'd pass you a layout that
exercises the problem, and either my failing code or
a description of what's supposed to be going on
(maybe a DRC document excerpt, Caliber version,
crayon cartoon, etc.) and have you either return me
a clean functional snippet, or a pointer to better
form, whatever is the right answer for the point task.
And on to the next, as I encounter it.

This could be a nice side job for an advanced student
who's got some traction with the tools, or a pro layout
type with verification coding skills and some cycles
to spare.

Think of it as a "job jar" that pays. We can discuss
rates, I am thinking $50/hr, but everybody has their
own idea of what they're worth; certainly crisper
execution could be worth more, although I'd have
to be convinced about the reality vs the sales pitch.
As a bonus to (say) the interested grad student,
or someone who needs to fill an "employment gap"
this could be called a relevant consulting job on
your resume, with an established company (never
mind how small...).

I will need you to execute a foundry NDA in order
to pass along certain documents. It would be a
bit easier if you were US-based but not essential
for present work. I do anticipate future work which
may have such requirements.

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