Is there any way set vertex resolution of a polygon?

Dear all,

I wonder if there is a way to reduce the resolution to describe the polygon shown as the image.

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  • You can use Partial mode to select and then Delete a
    vertex or vertices, and/or move around the ones that

    The vertices are not positioned by some global setting,
    they are hand placed (or converted from some other
    tool's hand placement I suspect) so probably the
    solution is manual as well (no "master key").

  • Thanks for the hints. Any possibility to make simplification process automatic.

    It seems there is a package called "Symplify" fits this function well, but when I clicked into it, it said "Pahe not found". Any one knows how to get his package working.

  • Sorry, I figured out the operation is straightforward as long as the package is installed through "Manage Package". Sorry for my interruption.

  • Very good :) I hope it does what it's supposed to.


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