Dumb syntax question (error) #0001

So I figured I'd start small...

and I get an error off something that I just dumb-copied
and value-modified from the "drc" example that the
Tools>DRC>New_DRC_Script macro window provides.

I am thinking maybe the example mashes up the error
report with the error shape export-to-layer syntax (as
it seems to target a layer), but I dunno. I would like to
both report and throw a shape, you can see my blind
stab at it.

Should the example be tightened up with only syntax
that would execute clean (given a compatible DB)?


  • Hi Jim,

    I'm sorry for the bad error message.

    The problem is: "output" will expect something else when you send output to a report:

    1.) When you use "report", the argument of "output" needs to be the name of a check and is a single string. E.g. "output("Width < 1.0")"
    2.) When you don't use "report" you mean "send output to a database layer" (new or existing). In this case, "output" wants to see a name or a layer number or a layer/datatype combination.

    The example you copied was case #2. So "output(255, 0)" would make sense then, but in your case, just give it a single string describing your check.

    Best regards,


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