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Hi sir,
Cause the GDSII file do I have , the file has been smashed(flatten) all level in previosly step .(in my customer side)
It is many pattern (polygon) in GDS file , such as layer # 154 / purpose #0 , 15um circle / totally 1500 , (location) random.
I need to re-building that as standard instance -- one by one.
We have no Netlist (pattern location by text format) , is is possible to make that process as ruby command?
such as search pattern , sort it by area / check the BBox(center of X , Center of Y) then make 1 cell into the location......


  • My first step would be to go back to the customer
    and see whether there's a layout saved from before
    the flatten-all step was taken.

  • bad news customer say that , they can't provide GDSII file with cell instance ALWAYS.
    How can I do for this request?

  • I agree with the previous comment - once a hierarchy is lost, it can hardy be recovered. A cell hierarchy is typically a logical composition - based on devices or library cells.

    You did not give details about the kind of mask you're trying to regenerate a hierarchy from. Maybe you can paste a screenshot of how the mask looks like after smash. Maybe it's possible to give more advice then.


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