memory resolve for pCell parameter


I have a question.
Since my code gets bigger and I have many pCell class in one module, there are a lot of initialized parameters in each class.
Here, do I have to resolve (or delete) the parameter at the end of the class?

I am using Ruby mind IDE, and it says that heap memory is not enough, so I increased the heap memory to 4Gb. But I do not thing this code is that much long as it needs 4Gb memories.

Currently, I have more than 100 initialized parameter in each class, and I have 10 classes in one module.
Is there any way to manage memories?

Thank you very much.


  • Sorry, I don't understand the question.

    I think you mean RubyMine IDE. But I assume you're using a standalone tool and it's not connected to KLayout. So I can only say how you manage memory within KLayout's process, not what RubyMine does internally. I think it builds a code model, but I can't say how to make this process more efficient. Maybe you can try breaking your source files into smaller chunks by using "require" to load submodules. I assume that if you don't exceed a limit of maybe 1000 lines per file, every modern IDE should be able to handle even big projects with thousands of files.


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