Can't run Py Macro: opens DRC DB browser instead

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I can't run Python or Ruby macros from the Macro Development window - clicking "Run this script" immediately opens the "Marker Database Browser" (which usually pops up after running a DRC script - which I haven't actually done on this computer).
I also upgraded from 0.26.5 --> 0.26.8 and still get the same behaviour.

My scripts are initialized and saved into my home folder as "local" scripts.

MacOS 10.14, so they're stored in ~/.klayout/pymacros.

Any suggestions? Thanks,


  • Also, checking the properties option "show in Menu" doesn't appear to create a new item in the menu (after choosing a name for the item, and restarting KLayout).

  • Likely unrelated, but I see the following in syslog Console when I click "Run this script":
    default 22:00:52.869980 -0700 klayout 27366555: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 716 vs 3318, 513,

  • Refer to the discussions here:


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