A version supporting macOS BigSur and M1 Mac?


I have been using KLayout on ubuntu and Windows, but lately I decided to give the new M1 Mac a go.
When I tried to download the version 0.26.8, after the installation (moving the file to the application folder), and when I tried to run it, the system said the app wasn't verified and Apple cannot identified it as a freeware.

There was no option to by-pass this warning on that screen and I could only close it.
May I know if there is a version that is known to work with the new Mac at the moment?

Many thanks.


  • Hi!

    I think it'll much more reasonable to built KLayout from source, since pre-built binaries are for Intel, not ARM architecture.

  • Hi, so the way to have it at least get started is to click cancel when you see the pop up window, and then go to system preferences -- Security&Privacy -- under General tab -- click open anyway on the lower of the panel. I can get this part to work but then after open klayout it gets frozen and not responding. Have to force quit. I tried on both my two intel based Macbooks and not working. Maybe you can have a try and see if you have any luck.

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    I suppose you have tested ST-klayout-0.26.8-macOS-Catalina-1-qt5MP-RsysPsys.dmg with BigSur.
    I have experienced the same (maybe) issue as you.
    It looks like a Qt (5.14.2 from MacPorts)-related issue.
    I have found a workaround, and a new version ST-klayout-0.26.9-macOS-Catalina-1-qt5Brew-RsysPsys.dmg (bundled with Qt 5.15.1 from Homebrew) will be available shortly.

    I have built it with an Intel-Mac machine (Catalina) and tested it with a virtual machine (BigSur).
    Once it is ready, please let me know if it can run on your real Apple Silicon M1 machine (I envy you :) ).
    I'm eager to know about it.


  • Thanks for the replies, sorry that I was unable to do more tests without the knowledge of how to compile it from source. I am totally new to Mac and still trying to figure out how to run some other software lol

    @ sekigawa, thanks and great to know! I will test it later after it has been released.

  • LOL, I actually just checked right after commenting, I was commenting too early!

    Happy to tell that it now works perfectly and I can view my file normally.
    I used the version given in the link,

    And I also have to follow the instruction given by member mhuang16 to by-pass the security check of MacOS.

    I should probably open another post to ask, with qt5 supported now, would it be possible to try adding gesture support for Mac trackpad? In particular, panning seems difficult without a mouse at the moment. I saw this feature request: https://github.com/KLayout/klayout/issues/259
    It would be nice if this is available.

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