Can not install Siepic Tools and Siepic PDK in KLayout in Centos 7

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Dear KLayout support,

I have installed KLayout in Centos 7. I want to install Siepic Tools and Siepic PDK then. The KLayout version is 0.26.9.

However, for SIepic Tools,it always shows that the page is not found. It seems that this link is invalid. I cannot install it by this method.

For Siepic pdk, there are some errors when downloading, thus it fails when it almost reaches 100%.

How to install this two correctly? Could you give me some suggestions?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards!


  • I suggest trying to find the packages "manually" at the
    purported source. There might be simple issues like a
    version-increment that "breaks" a hard coded path in
    the installer, or a stale installer you happened to grab?

    Too bad about the ellipses in the error report, you may
    have to use your judgment about what you find and
    which is proper.

    It's possible you might find some discussion site
    attached to the github repository that has more info
    on what's current, maybe even an "all-in-one bundle"?

  • Salt allows you too install this package just go to tools --> manage packages

  • if you can't install with salt you can use the following git clone

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    Thank you for your repond, I temporarily gave up installing and using under linux. I am using it on Windows system.

  • Dear all,

    thanks for this discussion. There actually was some confusion about this package (see here for the whole story:

    Maybe you can try again.

    There is also a dependency on other Python packages which may be Windows specific, but I'm not an expert on the setup of this particular package.


  • @Matthias,

    Thank you for your information.
    This is really a tragic story, but fortunately the ending is good.
    Thank you and professor Lukas for providing effort for klayout and siepic-tools.

    If installed, I want to install from the latest version.
    My linux system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo),whcih version of klayout package should I install? Centos 7?

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