Access to Technology::on_tech_changed ?

Hi Matthias and/or others,

I have a technology that is too wild to fit into one or more actual technologies. There are many different layer properties files that fall into this one technology. Too many designs. I will need to load a lyp file based on the gds file name at file_open or view_changed - which is no problem, I have done that. But I noticed that the user has no recourse if he/she accidentally clicks on a technology from the selector widget in the menu bar. They cannot re-load the initial layer arrangement (other than actually loading an lyp file via File>LoadLayerProp), and the only other option is to close the file and re-open. Is there an action from the technology selector widget I can use for that ? I would love to select and load an lyp file after the technology selector finishes all its actions, meaning (0) a file is opened and the right lyp is loaded, (1) the user clicks on a technology and messes it up that way, (2) the system loads that technology, including a dummy lyp file, (3) my code runs that inspects the view name and loads another lyp file.




  • Hi Thomas,

    I'm sorry, but there is no such event currently. This has to be created first.

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