Technologies window not visible anymore

Dear Mathias,
congratulation and thank you for your software, it is extremely nice and efficient.
I am running Klayout on windows and I have different technologies.
I have an annoying problem: after a while of running the software, the "Manage technology" window is not visible anymore. The software opens it, since Klayout freezes as it is waiting for you to press ok, but the window is elsewhere. I tried Alt+Tab and no way to see where this window is. Since I am working seomtimes with 2 and sometimes with 3 screens, I have the impressions that Klayout places this technology window on the third screen even when I do not have it. If I re-install the software, the problem goes away just to come back a bit of time later. Do you have any suggestions?



  • I've often run into a behavior where pop-ups instead
    "pop under" displayed windows, and have to figure
    out that it's happened and is waiting for something
    (hanging up the rest meanwhile). Not just klayout.
    Not just free tools either.

    I think there may be X settings that would help, such
    as making "focus" move to the last spawned window
    and making popped windows go to screen #1 center,
    on top (I think you can even make the cursor travel
    to the default button, so "Enter" key executes the
    default action as well).

  • Well ... under X every window manager behaves differently :(

    If you're entirely lost, there is "View/Restore Window". If will dock the small tool windows again in the original arrangement.


  • Thank you both for your comments.
    Trying to solve this problem, I just found that this is a very general problem in Windows X.
    This worked for me
    I will also try the view/Restore window

    Thank you again

  • It could be helpful, I think, to maintain a list of the various
    X window managers and their best settings. Some $$$$$$
    tools insist that they will only support a specific X windows
    environment (and often one of the crustier ones, like twm,
    not the "prettier" consumer-facing ones like Gnome that
    you have to work to get away from, in popular distros like
    Ubuntu. And even there, I recall having to mess with the
    X .????rc file to alter things like "save unders", focus
    behaviors and so on before the Linux machines would
    start to act like the SunOS SPARC stations the tools were
    originally developed, on.

    Similarly listing any dis-recommended ones might save
    some work for the Complaints Department.

    I'd think this belongs with the setup info in the manual or
    download "README" files somewhere?

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