One object selected, all of the type deleted

I have a transistor layout with multiple contacts. If I select one and Del
or use the menu Edit>Delete, all of the contacts are deleted, when only
one was selected.

This occurs whether the contacts are placed as cells, or flattened.

Fresh install of klayout 0.26.11 on a fresh Windows10 machine.

Before delete, one object is selected (yellow highlight of selection)

After delete, all contacts are gone! Not just the single selected one.

What could account for this (mis)behavior? I have not seen it in previous
installs on Linux or Windows.


  • Found something...

    I changed the "Shallow Select" checkbox in Edit>Editor Options
    to be selected, and now this "delete 'em all" behavior is not seen.

    Now why this would affect actions on objects which were never
    selected, I cannot guess.

  • Hi Jim,

    "shallow select" is identical to "View/Select top level objects only". So if it's off, selection may also select boxes from subcells and I suspect the contacts live in a cell of their own. So essentially you delete the box inside this cell and it's gone everywhere this cell is used. It an implicit "Edit in place".

    So for sake of V* compatibility keep "shallow select"/"select top level objects only" on :)


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