Meander structure design

I am trying to design a meander structure (trace). Is there any script or macro to help or ease such design?

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  • Hi,

    I had once created a PCell with such a code.

    I'll share it here:

    import pya
    import math
    This Code implements a Serpentine PCell 
    It will generate a path starting from 0,0 and produce a serpentine this
        +->+  +->    ^ 
        ^  |  ^      |
        |  |  |      |
        |  |  |      | s
        |  |  |      |
        |  |  |      |
        |  V  |      |
     +->+  +->+      V
        <-> u
    The parameters are:
    - l: the layer to use
    - w: the width of the path
    - n: the number of vertical paths
    - u: see drawing above
    - s: see drawing above
    NOTE: using negative angles makes the Serpentine turn the other way
    class Serpentine(pya.PCellDeclarationHelper):
      The PCell declaration for the Serpentine
      def __init__(self):
        # Important: initialize the super class
        super(Serpentine, self).__init__()
        # declare the parameters
        self.param("l", self.TypeLayer, "Layer", default = pya.LayerInfo(1, 0))
        self.param("n", self.TypeInt, "Number of points per full turn", default = 5)
        self.param("w", self.TypeDouble, "The width", default = 1.0)
        self.param("u", self.TypeDouble, "One turn's pitch", default = 2.0)
        self.param("s", self.TypeDouble, "The turn's length", default = 20.0)
      def display_text_impl(self):
        # Provide a descriptive text for the cell
        return "Serpentine(L=%s,S=%.12g,U=%.12g" % (str(self.l), self.s, self.u)
      def produce_impl(self):
        # This is the main part of the implementation: create the layout
        # compute the Serpentine: generate a list of spine points for the path and then 
        # create the path
        pts = []
        x = 0.0
        y = 0.0
        for i in range(0, self.n):
          pts.append(pya.DPoint(x, y))
          x += self.u
          pts.append(pya.DPoint(x, y))
          if (i % 2) == 0:
            y += self.s
            y -= self.s
          pts.append(pya.DPoint(x, y))
        # One last point to move to the end location
        x += self.u
        pts.append(pya.DPoint(x, y))
        # create the shape
        self.cell.shapes(self.l_layer).insert(pya.DPath(pts, self.w))
    class SerpentineLib(pya.Library):
      The library where we will put the PCell into 
      def __init__(self):
        # Set the description
        self.description = "Serpentine PCell Library"
        # Create the PCell declarations
        self.layout().register_pcell("Serpentine", Serpentine())
        # Register us with the name "SerpentineLib".
    # Instantiate and register the library

    This is a sample image:


  • Thank you very much, Matthias. It's really helpful. Btw, I'm a beginner with Klayout script. Do you know where can I find the documents about classes in "pya" package. e.g. I want to know all the parameters and methods in pya.PCellDeclarationHelper. Where can I find that?

    thank you very much,

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