How to split wires in KLayout.

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How to split wires or make notch in KLayout?

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  • The only ways I know are to use the Edit>Selection>

    Subtract, Others From First
    Separate, First into (blah blah blah)

    However both of these break the path into polygons.

    I prefer "stick" routing (box or poly) anyhow as I keep
    running into off-grid artifacts if I keep cutting paths
    or move vertices / segments diagonally. But someone
    doing dense "digital" routing might really like the ease
    of adjusting busses that a path provides.

    It would seem that a Path-specific cutter that makes
    path objects out of one, is wanted. For that matter a
    proper "Chop" command that understood the object
    and didn't convert unnecessarily? I think there have
    been some user created scripts which approach the
    "Chop" functionality, but maybe not the type-preservation?

  • Hi dick_freebird,
    Thank you very much for your reply.

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