Stumbling around in the dark

So I'm trying to get a clue about DRC, using the
si4all examples.

The "canned" example, drc_errors.gds and
drc.lydrc work as you'd expect. But when I went
and deleted a bunch of lines to leave only the
metal width/space checks (to make a minimal
drc deck which I'd then modify for my tecnology,
"baby steps") now the script has lost all its
color coding, won't save, won't run.


Modified: note how the "run" and associated "buttons" are grayed out; no way to "save as"; "save" seems to do nothing, original file is unchanged.

So how did I "break" this? And how do I recover the Macro Development window formatting and functionality? How do I save a working script file or save-as?

It doesn't look like I deleted anything important, just rule-checks I didn't want to look at.


  • leave that to an EDA guy , code breaks in increments.
    it's something that was deleted so go back through code comment out

  • edited June 2021

    @tagger5896 Looks like you are editing the text of a file that has been moved away or deleted. The tab will not close automatically but is grayed out because there is no corresponding file.

    Close the tab and reopen by double-clicking on the file in the left list. This way you'll get the right editor tab.


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