DRC width check of metal

I'm writing a DRC script and I want to see if someone can help with this design rule.

On a metal pad I want to check to see if it has a region with a widths of 150 um x 150 um, and if it does, then this pad as a whole should pass the DRC check.

Right now what I have is a check to see if the metal pad has regions that are less than 150 um x 150 um of width, but I want to ignore those if the pad has other regions that meet this rule.



  • Hi Trisitan,
    I can't get what your point....
    But I guess that you can try this code.
    with_bbox_width or with_bbox_height
    or without_bbox_width...
    the sample case as below:


    in this code , it can helps to check if pad size (by bbox view) is 0 ~150um , then output it to 500,0 layer
    maybe you can base on that code to change something for what you needs.

  • Hi jiunnweiyeh,
    I think this does help solve my problem, thanks a lot!

  • The solution may lie in the rules logic, like check
    that (topMet*silox)==145 as a pad specific rule,
    rather than looking for 150x150 metal alone,
    supplementing the more generic width/space

    The pad rule is really about the window, extra metal
    hurts nothing until you bump into slotting rules and
    that stuff also wants the opposite logic, not to be
    applied with XX microns of a bond pad opening.

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    @Tristian I see there are some good suggestions here already :)

    I personally think that the motivation for this rule is to establish special conditions for pads (e.g. slotting like @dick_freebird mentioned). But that means that such rules should not apply to metal pieces which (by bad coincidence) meet the pad criterion.

    I guess it's somewhat wiser to try identifying the pads by other means. Pads usually have some passivation or imide opening which is unique to them. You could waive errors below such pad openings instead of looking for special metal parts.


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