package manager->set repository.xml in intranet server

I am trying deploy the package manager within our organization.
I placed a repository.xml file in our intranet server, managed by a Visual SVN server. I guess it should speak WebDav (I am not an expert).
I mapped the repository.xml location in the system environment variable, but I get the following error
Error 6: Network API error, fetching "https: //IP address/svn/ <repository_folder> /repository.xml"
I can access the repository xml from the web browser

Could it be an authentication problem? Can I fix it?
To enter in the intranet server we need to provide an extra login/pass.

thank you


  • Hi,

    My guess is this part is the problem https://IP address. Unless you have an internal certificate installed on all machines to recognize this as a valid certificate.

    If you have an internal certificate: I don´t think KLayout can do any authentication against the svn server ( @Matthias might correct me about this ;) ). I recently set up an apache webdav-svn server. And that works flawlessly. But I have anonymous read access though.


  • @TommasoLunghi Basically, HTTPS is supported. Error 6 is a TSL/SSL handshake error. As @sebastian mentioned, it's likely that a certificate issue is the reason for the fail. The most common problems are self-signed or expired certificates. Firefox will tell you this when you visit the document. So maybe you can try with Firefox in case you have used a different browser.

    Basic authentication is provided by KLayout, but there is no password cache. You'll have to enter the network password whenever you restart KLayout.


  • Hi @sebastian,
    thank you for your reply.

    Someone suggests me to create a shared folder with the repository files. I am using windows 10, would this be working?
    I have not been able to try and if you know already the answer that is definitively helpful.


  • By shared folder, I assume you mean a network drive? Yes that works, but I found it cumbersome and version control is not nicely possible. But it is possible, then you need urls like file:///

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