KLayout Hangs up when I click on "Manage Packages"


Can you please suggest why KLayout just freezes when I click on "Manage Packages" to install new packages. And the only way around is to remove existing KLayout folder and re-install KLayout. Are there any work-arounds or known bugs or issues?



  • Freeze for how long? It might be stuck searching locations, or have a location in the search-path that is waiting to time out for not-found?

    Have you looked into what the search-path is, and inspected the current search-path string for stuff that is not right for your installation?

  • @bluemountain30 KLayout is trying to access your network and if it's stuck that's a problem there.

    Run KLayout with a reasonable debug level (e.g. "klayout -d 31") and maybe you will get some details there you can share. Without more information I can't give any advice.


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