cell name in output files

I am pretty new to Ruby programming, but I got working LVS and DRC scripts, except I would like the change the file names and use the current cell name in it.

Now, I have all the LVS files in an /IC/LVS directory, and, for example, i use schematic("/IC/LVS/schematic.cir") to read the input netlist. I would like to replace "schematic" with the current cell name, for example: schematic("/IC/LVS/inv.cir"), How do I get the current cell name and combine it with "/IC/LVS/" and ".cir"?


  • Here is an example how to search for the schematic according to the current cell name in the directory of the loaded file:

    schematic(File.join(File.dirname(source.path), source.cell_name+".cir")

    source.path will give you the path of the currently active file (provided the layout has been loaded from a file), File.dirname(...) will give you the directory from that path. source.cell_name tells you the name of the cell which is currently analysed.


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