Very new to this, and have just a quick question. I have a GDS file which I have edited and saved. However, I need to export it as a PDF. I am using PDF24 but it seems to be changing the scale of it.
Does anyone know hoe to convert to a GDS file to PDF without this happening.


  • You're not talking about a KLayout feature, are you?

    Do you need that for manufacturing purposes? E.g. photoplots? Maybe DXF is an acceptable alternative intermediate format. PDF IMHO is not suited as a CAD data transmission format.


  • Would "print to PDF" (using one of the PDF viewers) do the job
    if you set the DPI option appropriately? And maybe paper size
    as well, if it's breaking into multiple pages?

    You should tell us more about why you "need to" use PDF format,
    perhaps there are easier / better alternates for format?

  • HI,
    Thanks for getting back to me. The pdf converter id PDF24, a 'any format to any format' converter. Its actually not bad, depending on your requirements.
    And Matthias, yes, its for manufacturing purposes. But before we get to the expensive part of getting a mask done, we check it by normally doing a PDF print first in out local printers (PDF is the format he can use plus a couple of others). This was usually done by using Clewin software, but the licence has expired and we only have the demo version which wont let you do it. Once checked its off to mask company. It was a good method until the licence expired!
    As for the other formats, yes I can save them as other acceptable formats, but again I find the issue of scaling when converting to PDF.
    Hope this helps,

  • My experiences with PDF for layout are not quite promising - even simply layouts are often too complex for PDF renderers.

    My suggestion was a high-res image. For example here is a post where it is shown how to generate images with user-defined resolution: You can usually go up to something like 10k x 10k pixels which renders a lot of details already.


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