Layer Mapping Tables : a special target to delete a layer

Hi Matthias,

I am using the Layer Mapping Table to import a layout from a technology to another. A predefined target layer would be nice : delete

I wish to import all layers and add at the end the match layers not defined in my list match:target (as it is right now).
But for some of them, I would prefer to delete them. Of course, I can do it later in an other step, but it would be nice to delete some known match layers at the GDS reading.

Thanks, BRgds,


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    Hi Laurent,

    you can already do something like this:

    This will read all layers, then specialize for layer 2/0 and 3/0 to map to 1002/0 and 1003/0 and finally unmap 6/0.

    Note that "Read all layers" is turned OFF so that 6/0 is not counted as "other layer".

    However, when you use this editor, it will turn this list into the logically equivalent, but garbled version:


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