User changed Layer colors are not saved.

I have seen that layer colors changed in the layer toolbox are not saved by "File/Save All".
In fact after reopening the document I see again the original (unchanged colors).
Same thing if I make a "File/Save Layer Properties".
The relevant layer technology file (.lyt extension placed in my hidden .klayout directory) doesn't include any color information.
I am not very sure but it seems to me that also the dxf file doesn't include any color information.
So I am wondering where layers colors are stored and why they can not be saved ?


  • Layer properties can be saved in .lyp and reloaded as-saved,
    at any time.

    Technology setup usually points at such a .lyp, but if you are
    saving by another means (the layer display details) maybe
    the technology save-as, only saves the .lyp file pointer and
    not the details that would go under it. Or, you're saving the
    .lyp details someplace that the technology package does not

    I'd start with making an as-desired .lyp layers properties file,
    and then use technology manager to assert its "forever home"
    location (probably best to try and keep a tight "tech file" (or
    folder) to maintain order).

  • Hi dick_freebird, many thanks for your hints.
    I missed the specification of the lyp file in the Technology Manager.
    The layer colors are now associated with my custom technology and are properly displayed after opening the project file.

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