Library not found with Layout.create_cell in KLayout 0.27+

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I recently updated KLayout from 0.26.12 to 0.27.9 and found that every PCell that loads a cell from another library using Layout.create_cell(name,library_name) fails. The cell object that is returned is (nil) as if the library name is incorrect. I reinstalled KLayout 0.26.12 while keeping all other files the same and everything works again. Any ideas what may be causing this?

I did verify that the library was loaded with Library.library_names().


  • @steidlej I cannot confirm this isn't working anymore. This is a pretty basic feature and it's working fine for me. If the function returns nil, this may also indicate the cell name is not correct.

    The cells from your library - are those PCells? Maybe they are not set up properly in terms of default parameters so they don't instantiate without giving a parameter set?

    Can you reproduce the problem with a simple test case?


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