[Bug] Resizing box to 20 x 3000 micrometers

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I tried to draw the simple pattern described in the attached pdf file (see link below) using KLayout editor for MAC OS X.

However, I can't manage to resize a simple box. I would like to :

- Set the size of the rectangle (for instance 20 microns x 3000 microns).
- Set its position on the layout (coordinates).

but KLayout is not letting me do that. The "size shape" command has little or no effect. I suspect a bug, but I am unsure.

Best regards,

The project :


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    To give some additional details, when I do Edit->Selection->SizeShapes and set a value (for instance: "20, 3000"), the shape slightly changes size, but looks really more like a big square, than like the thin rectangle it should be… I must be missing something...
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    Hi Jean,

    To move a shape that you have already drawn, use the "move" mode. Select this mode, pick the shape you want to move and drop it at the desired location.

    To resize a box, use the "Partial mode". This lets you select a corner or edge of the box and move it.

    To resize a box numerically, double-click the box and change the values in the properties dialog.

    The "size" function enlarges a polygon by shifting the edges outward by the given distance or inward for a negative distance. "Sizing" is a term frequently used to describe this operation. Another term often used in that context is "bias".

    You'll find that information and some more in the manual section of this site.


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    Hi Matthias,

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    I used your technique (double-click the box and change the values in the properties dialog) and, indeed, it works.
    However, I can't resize the box using width/length. I must enter the coordinates. It is an inconvenient, but I can do with it.

    Do you know why Edit->Selection->SizeShapes isn't working ?

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    Hi Jean,

    the current version 0.22 allows to edit the boxes width/height.

    The size function should work - I use it frequently myself. Maybe you can be more specific, i.e. give a precise recipe how to reproduce that problem. I may have a chance to take a look at it then.

    Best regards,


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