Can KLayout open LVS result file which generated by Calibre LVS now?


KLayout can open DRC result file generated by Calibre DRC.

But when I try to open LVS result file produced by Calibre LVS using "Marker Browser" or "Netlist Browser“, I get an error.

I noticed a post several years ago said that klayout cannot open calibre LVS file .

I wonder can Klayout support opening LVS result file produced by Calibre LVS now?
Thank you in advance.

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  • No, sorry. KLayout can't do that.

    To my knowledge the LVS format is not disclosed and can therefore not be implemented in Open Source software.


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    I don't know about "big boy" Caliber, but I have been
    provided Caliber DRC output that's near human readable
    (if you like mangled English and raw coords / arbitrary
    device & node naming) from a foundry that uses the
    "Lite" version bundled with old Tanner versions.

    Wonder if some "full retail Caliber" user could look at
    report options, maybe there remains one that does not
    need Caliber to read reports and yet provides workable
    raw info.

    Here's what "baby Caliber" can deliver for DRC:

    // L-Edit_Violation_Distance 2203
    50236 35835 52797 35104
    55000 34828 55000 40513
    e 27 2 LPNP_DonutX4 c
    // L-Edit_Violation_Distance 2203
    35104 52797 35835 50236
    40513 55000 34828 55000

    Wonder what a LVS report looks like, from "big boy
    Caliber". My chip design was small enough that I
    just went at it "80's style" with blue pencil, red pencil.
    It's clean and shipping but I have nothing to share from
    my caveman LVS that's of any value.

    I've asked a guy I've worked with to look for examples
    of human-readable Caliber LVS reports from the Tanner
    version, maybe "real Caliber" users can check into the
    report options available from their setup.

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    I'm not an expert on Calibre formats (and I should not be), but to my knowledge the LVS results are much different from the DRC results. LVS delivers a binary database as far as I know while DRC database files are plain text and easy to read.


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