ERROR : unable to create directory: /usr/bin/macros ...


Under Linux (on Centos7 and Unbuntu, installed from the precompiled packages), when I launch KLayout, I always have the messages :

ERROR : unable to create directory: /usr/bin/macros
ERROR : unable to create directory: /usr/bin/pymacros
ERROR : unable to create directory: /usr/bin/python
 . . . 

But KLayout is fully working, it is just some red messages : how to void them ?



  • You're right, this side effect should be avoided. It does not do harm, but the message is confusing. This basically happens because KLayout tries to prepare an environment in places where macros can be stored. The installation path is among these.

    I have created a ticket for this:


  • If it were my machine to administer, I would either create these
    literally, or create symbolic links at these locations pointing to
    wherever you really intend to keep their "twins" (usr/local/bin?).

    Seems to me like /usr/bin isn't much (at all?) used in later Linux
    but used to be common on SunOS, if my recollection of the '90s
    is any kind of intact (not a good bet).

    But it appears odd to me that there's no klayout-specificity to
    the path. Putting these macro directories in the usr/bin mosh
    pit doesn't seem ideal to me.

  • Actually trying to create these directories is only a side effect. KLayout has multiple places where it looks up scripts, DRC decks etc. ($KLAYOUT_PATH). By default, the installation directory is one of them which allows you to package an installation with specific scripts.

    KLayout tries to make itself comfortable in these places by preparing environments for DRC, Ruby+Python scripts etc. It should not try do so where this is not possible - in this case /usr/bin.

    This strange message is easy to avoid.


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