Deleting everything outside of a certain region for many layers

I have a gds file with many layers, and I want to delete everything outside of a certain region for all layers. I can do this easily for 1 layer with just a boolean operation, but I want to do this for many layers. Is there a convenient operation to apply the same boolean throughout the layout?


  • Might be able to do this in a few steps like

    • turn on deep selection (all levels)
    • all layers visible / valid
    • select all
    • turn off layers you want to keep
    • area-deselect the region you want to keep
    • delete
    • turn on all layers, just what you wanted should be kept.

    Now, I do not know about the downsides of selecting through
    hierarchy, issues with modifying every cell at once and so on.
    And make sure not to hit any keys that would deselect all
    (like ESC) or you'l have to start over.

    But this is how I would go at it barring any better advice.

  • Thanks for this discussion.

    To me the request looks like what the "clip tool" does (Edit/Utilities/Clip Tool). Is that the solution maybe?


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