Klayout get crash when run get_info

Hi @Matthias ,
I run two commands below and get app crash .

ly = RBA::CellView::active.layout

Please find attached gds also.

Thank you,


  • Okay, the application should not crash ... but you're passing an invalid layer id to get_info.

    get_info takes a layer ID which you get when you know the GDS layer number/datatype. A layer ID is an internal layer index and typically is a low number. You can obtain it when you create or request a layer from a GDS layer/datatype number:

    ly = ...
    layer_id = ly.layer(10, 0)   # for GDS layer 10, datatype 0
    info = ly.get_info(layer_id)     # should give you back layer 10/datatype 0


  • Hi @Matthias
    Yes, it is an invalid layer id.

    Thank you,

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