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Dear Matthias,

Thank you for all the effort going into version 0.22. The updated net trace with boolean operators is terrific - I did some testing and it even seems to be able to handle boolean operations across hierarchy (e.g. ACTIVE-POLY, where ACTIVE and POLY are in different cells but overlaid).

One thing I noticed in 0.22 is that arrow keys lose focus on the layout canvas when I change layer visibility. My previous usage mode was to have my left hand on the arrow keys and right hand on the mouse. Using the mouse, I would turn layers on and off as desired, and pan around the layout canvas using the arrow keys with left hand. Now whenever I click in the layers table to change visibility, arrow keys are redirected to scroll around the layer table, which is not that useful for me, and I have to click inside the layout canvas in order to re-enable arrow key panning. I noticed the same thing happens with the cell table, but there, the arrow keys are a little more useful, allowing navigation up and down the hierarchy.

I know there is workaround in that I could right-click on the canvas to re-center and then arrow keys will work, but then I have to move the mouse from the layer list into the canvas and back, and I have to do this back and forth as I change layer visibility. Is there a way to force the arrow keys to stay focused on the layout canvas?




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    Hi Stephen,

    thank you for that feedback :-)

    The behavior of the arrow keys was changed a little to support move operations with the arrow keys in edit mode. But that should not affect the use model you have described. So I guess that problem can be solved without compromising the edit functionality.

    I'll have a look into that.

    Thank you for that report,


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