why I couldnt see the comparation of the layout and the schematic?

Here is my NET LIST BROWSER afte I ran the LVS, I can see the NETS/DEVISES in the schematic and layout,
but I couldnt see the comparation of these, like below

my LVS script is refer the sample here "https://www.klayout.de/doc/manual/lvs_intro.html"
, but I had changed the layer
this is my netlist extracted from the pspice

I wonder whether is my netlist form incorrect, my form is (.lib) not (.cir), and
want to know how to fix this problem?
there is a test file below
Thanks advanced!


  • Try to name the schematic circuit the same than the corresponding layout cell.

    So it should be "opamp" instead of "SCHEMATIC".


  • Thanks for your answer! It's really helpful!
    There is another problem come out, I used the same net name for the schematic and the layout

    but the log file says the net mismatched

    Does klayout only read the CIR form only? Here is my netlist form setting from the pspice.

    Thanks advanced!

  • The "not matching" probably refers tho the net topology, not
    the net name. The LVS should work without named nets
    (though less quickly and poorer odds) and still say which
    ones match regardless of name.

    It would be a pretty demanding and brittle LVS, if every net
    had to be named identically beforehand. Impractical for any
    real size of a design.

    At this point I'd recommend an eyeball comparison of the
    netlists. There may be obvious discrepancies that lead
    you somewhere, or maybe there're still "format details"
    that break something (or just make matching impossible).

  • Exactly ... net names do not need to be labeled. Matching is done based on the topology. Names are only hints that can be used to speed up the net matching or to resolve ambiguities.

    @WENSHIH I assume the problem is something else, like the name of the models. Would you be so kind to provide the files you use for this test case?



  • @Matthias
    HI! This problem has been solved. The critical point was like you said. I can successfully proceed LVS after I renamed the name of the model.

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