Linux Flatpack - Sal Package Manager : Error 3 Host not found.


I have installed KLayout 0.28.3 on my Fedora. Everything works great except for the package manager. When I am trying to launch the Salt Package Manager, I receive the following error.

Error 3: Host not found, fetching


  • Does that URL work in your browser? Does it work with curl or wget?

    Maybe there is a proxy involved or you have a firewall configuration issue, DNS issues or a temporary glitch.

    But if it is an issue with the flatpack distro I can't help. Flatpack is not my distribution channel.


  • I'll mention that I've seen multiple times, that what you get
    from a distro's package repository can be badly out of date,
    or subject to an installer which sets you up to fail (like if it
    wants to install via "snap", you get stuck into a lame sandbox
    where the app can't "see" the whole filesystem).

    Always better off going direct to the source and compiling
    (especially when there are compile-time --options that you
    had no part in setting, if you just pull a binary).

    No experience with "salt" to say whether it's to be trusted
    in these respects, or not.

  • I have built KLayout from the source code, and I was able to access the package manager and install my favorite package. I believe the flatpack application cannot see the whole file system because I had other issues after manually installing some packages.

    Everything is working after building the package myself.

    Thank you both.

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