How generate the layout of transistor with custom L and W


I have a big issue, I can not generate the layout like this video on Klayout In this video there is a library called ”Skywaters 130nm Pcells”, but I don’t have it and I don’t know how to create it.

My goal is to generate the layout of a custom transistor where I can choose the L and the W. I did the schematic and to fabricate this chip I need to design its layout.

Thank you for your help. o:)


  • I have these errors when I lunch Klayout

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    I would go to the source and pull all the setup info you
    can find. There should be orderly docs for that as it
    purports to be a fully capable PDK. But expect "some
    assembly required", for which there ought to be
    instructions (or maybe there's a 'board dedicated, where
    specific questions get answerd by people who actually
    should know).

    Of course I have heard that the PDK quality / completeness
    leaves some to be desired, but seems to me you're well
    short of finding out about that - more like "can't feel my

    Design management and knowing you've got everything
    you need, seems to be a common weak spot in OS CAD
    tools. Like, my klayout, xschem and ngspice aspects all
    reside in different places, no unified framework or even
    a general agreement on how a chip design project ought
    to be structured (as even "which tools?" is a variable).

  • I have been looking for one month practically in full time for a document explaining how to do that. I good in analog and digital design layout and physique of semiconductor, but in I'm worthless in computer science, Instaling Klayout with its librarie require knowledge in computer science. Maybe I missed obvious things during my installation.

    Normally is it possible to generate the layout of a transistor with a custom L and W if not Klayout is useless.

  • klayout does have the PCells and I believe your problem
    lies with the scripts which turn properties into polygons -
    evidently either absent, or someplace that klayout has not
    been told to look.

    Scripts have "paths-to". I'd first pore over those docs and
    error messages regarding "huh?" to find any filenames,
    then search those out to find the real path, then back to
    the docs to see where that definition should be declared
    (klayoutrc?) and connect the dots.

  • yesterday i found this :
    It is exactly that I need, the problem know is how to integrate it into Klayout ?
    I looked for something about it during one month, and I found it by hazard in looking for other thing

  • I think I have a problem with "gf-config.json", it doesn't exist

  • That is a peculiar looking Java file and I wonder if it's a
    "legacy" from a GloFo kit.

    Might go to the root of the PDK and search for *.json,
    see what -does- turn up where, maybe there's really a
    sky130.json that's just waiting for an invitation from an
    install script that needs editing. Or something.

    You probably want to get to know your open PDK support
    system, whatever it may be. Start with the Skywater inside
    folks and the open PDK developers you may find on a
    single-topic 'board?

    Here's one place to get the lowdown on the hoedown:

    The SkyWater Open Source PDK documentation can be found at

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    @CMeyer You're in the wrong place here. This is not about GDSFactory or the Skywater PDK. This place is for the core application, these other projects are independent add-ons.

    If you seek qualified assistance, you should go to these projects. I did not manage to get the gdsfactory PDK up and running myself, but the efabless one is working (

    I assume the devices will receive some more development. For example, I don't know how to turn off the gate contacts and how to get a decent poly connection for fingered devices:

    The steps it took me to install the efabless PDK are simple:

    # Python modules:
    pip install gdsfactory
    git clone
    cd sky130_klayout_pdk
    KLAYOUT_HOME=./sky130_tech klayout -e


  • it is exactly that I want, I will try this
    **Thanks **

  • I did what you said, I have no library skywater130 - sky130 Pce

  • If you have the data but it's not hooked up:

    Tools>Manage Technologies

    If you don't have the library data then hit up Skywater
    or one of the open source fan clubs that surround the

  • You can see the layout I made using OpenLane with a Verilog file on the Sky130 PDK. I installed OpenLane and completed it within a day. However, unfortunately, in one month,
    I was unable to configure KLayout to integrate the library containing analog transistors

  • I wanted to say thank you for your response. Perhaps there is an impact as I am using Debian on a virtual machine.

  • It works

  • why I don't know !? I did the same thing again and again et voilà ...

  • Thank you very much for you help <3

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