wafer layout of dies

I am looking for a macro that can take one or more dies and lay them out on wafer taking into account the wafer exclusion zone. Is there any such macro available ?



  • I've never seen, but never looked for one.

    A lot of my work ends up on "pizza masks" where multiple dice
    of different content share a reticle. So I will make the reticle
    arrangement first. Then there aren't that many steps to fill the
    size of wafers I generally work on. Set the snap spacing to the
    reticle stepping distances and it takes maybe 5 minutes to fill
    the circle and delete anything that's "hanging out".

    Now, you get to sub-mm die size and 300mm wafers, maybe
    this gets tedious. But maybe the workflow above has some
    clues that could be "semi-automated" (like maybe only step /
    place the reticle from a "done reticle layout").

    Bear in mind that the stepping you pick, and what the foundry
    may impose for maunfacturing structures, may differ and they
    tend to want to do the reticle assembly themselves, with only
    a "saw plan" from you. If there's an actual 1:1 engagement here
    and not just going through motions.

  • Here's an pcell example of placing rects on the wafer. By converting the pcell in to flat cell and using "search & relpace" function in "edit" menu you can turn those rects into desired cell instances.

    example script (python):

  • Hello,

    You can also use the Fill tool (Edit > Uitilities > Fill Tool). It places instances directly...



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    Here is a macro :
    This is the same method as my Android app : Wafer gross die yield and cost
    But with KLayout, you get the wafermap in GDS format as a result :smiley:
    From that result, you can generate the wafermap from your chip layout ...

  • @all Many thanks for sharing these scripts and links!

    @laurent_c You need to tell me how you did this app for Android! :)


  • Worth noting that, in most modern production, the "stepped object"
    is the reticle field, and that is what's architected out of the "die
    payload". Then you step -that-. The foundry usually (and always,
    when multiproject) creates and steps the reticle, as this gives
    them the opportunity to insert "their stuff". The reticle max
    dimension can be foundry specific (I once worked a lot in a fab
    which had "20mm" steppers but only the inner 10mm was
    considered production-worthy (cheaped out on the optics I

    In some of the images of this thread you can see the difference in
    filling, between fine grained uniform die, and "bundled" to cm-scale
    reticle field.

    If realism is what you're after, probably want to follow the steps.

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