Slightly Off

I am observing that a text ("E") displays its origin off-grid (by -0.05 Y)
from the origin property values (0,0).

Here is the text with its properties displayed, and the origin-mark:

Here is the root of a Ruler at 0,0:

I have no way of knowi9ng whether this is a fluke, a consistent skew
across text-library (-ies) (?) or something else. However I had meant
to use this pin-label at the center of the emitter, as the "benchmark"
for constructing circular stackups of features and found I was being
"visually misled".

Just thought somebody might ought to know.

Additional stray thoughts

  • it might be nice if the origin-mark scaled with text size as it's hard
    enough to see to begin with and invisible once texts get large

  • if "selection aperture" defaults to zero and grid is other than 0.05,
    text might be unselectable with point-select, and only grab-able
    with area-select. I usually set aperture to 8 pixel.


  • I am also observing that with a 1.0u snap grid I am still
    getting placements of box and polygon vertices on 0.05 grid.
    Subsequent modifications snap -by- grid but not -to- grid.
    It would be preferable (to me) for vertices to obey main grid.

    If this is (say) a choice between vertex-obeys and origin-obeys
    (like with an odd integer-grid width / height, placed with origin
    on grid) I would like that choice to be presented for decision,
    or some indication of off-grid generation.

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    The offset seems to be built into the venerable Hershey fonts. They say characters are 25 units tall, but the "E" is only 21 in "futural" (which corresponds to "stick"). The upper space is reserved for oversized characters like "#". The "E" isn't even symmetric in "stick" (the centerline sits on 11 while the top line sits at 21).

    I always wanted to use real fonts but as I started Qt-less views, the Hershey fonts are still valuable as they do not need any font engine. I can only tweak the font information to make the "E"s centerline match.


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