Hide / Show some of layer or all layers

Hi sir,
When Ruby DRC , I want to hide some of layer or show some of layer , or hide/show all the layers.
how can I do / what the command I can do referenece?


  • This makes me think that a "mapping" of every menu-tree button
    to a Python and a Ruby code-snippet (one line maybe, for native?)
    would be a valuable resource. Or maybe it exists already and is
    not as obvious as could be.

  • @jiunnweiyeh You can't (or rather shouldn't) do that in DRC. DRC is meant as being independent from the UI, so it cannot access the UI elements by design.


  • Perhaps this is more a job for the DRC deck-creator, to add
    "switches" which enable / disable "classes" of DRC (like,
    I might see latchup rules enabled separately from plain
    polygon width / space / nest / avoid, and so on).

    It could get "busy" of course. But you might also be able to
    insert a bit of "layer massaging" in the front of the layer-derivation
    (paste in blockwise) to do different tasks if these turn out to be
    common enough, to be worth the effort. Like if you don't want a
    layer checked, just don't derive it. Although that will probably
    inform you of the next set of script-errors, to then go chase, ....

    You could also go to the effort of making a flat layout and
    removing any layers you didn't want to check (but see last

  • Hmm ... I understood it differently in a way that the intent is to generate layer display styles from inside a DRC script. That's something that is beyond the abilities of DRC (apart from ugly hacking).

    Some clarification was helpful.

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