A simple bug

Was doing some basic editing, placed a box on a valid layer,
invoked Partial, so far so good. Rolled the mouse wheel to try
and zoom to where I wanted to stretch, the whole session
evaporates without any kind of popup or complaint and no
work was saved.

Windows version 0.28.7 freshly installed, seems otherwise fine.

Is there a logfile I should chase down? Any ideas where it might
be, in a default Windows install? Is there a proper way
to report bugs, rather than dumping narrative in this
Development subforum? I asked before but do not recall
being directed elsewhere.


  • Hi @dick_freebird

    That's bad ...

    Just for my understanding: this also happens if you're starting from a blank layout? So like: creating a new layout with one layer, place one box, select a box edge in partial mode and trying to move it?

    KLayout almost always give a stack trace popup. If the crash is silent, there is little information provided beyond that.

    You can start KLayout from the console and try to redirect stdout and stderr to some file (e.g. "klayout_app.exe >stdout.txt 2>stderr.txt". If there is a panic message, it should be written into these files.

    A first attempt to reproduce that problem failed for me. I hope it's not something weird like a graphics driver issue.


  • It was an existing layout, adding a box object and then to
    stretch it.

    I'll see if I can replicate and catch any output.

  • So far I have not been able to repeat the failure, even
    going back to the layout I was in and retracing steps.

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