Disable scrolling feature of TypeList params in Object Properties menu

When scrolling up and down from the PCell parameter options, if the mouse hovers above a parameter with multiple choices (TypeList), it mistakenly changes its values. Is there a way to disable that scrolling event?


  • That's built into Qt that way. That's something I don't want to change myself. If anyone has a good idea to make Qt stop this behavior, let me know.


  • I sometimes see "unintended selection" on hover and never
    know why, how to not, or whether to expect. Not unique to
    this application.

    But I'd suggest that if this is a known behavior, there must be
    known triggers and maybe a known "how not to" that could be

    It would be handy if execution and localization had different
    triggers. Or, that their different natures were understood by
    us goldfish.

  • Looks like others face the same issues. Maybe a global event catch & modify is able to solve that, but I need to try.

  • Worth asking the OP, whether they are set up with a
    touchpad or other input device, that recognizes
    "taps" / "strokes" / "gestures", one of which might be
    called as "right-click" by the device driver - all far from
    klayout's "field of view".

  • No, this incident involves using a mouse - specifically the mouse wheel.

    I barely have any knowledge about Qt, but assuming that the TypeList boxes of the parameter form are in fact instances of the QComboBox class in Qt, it fell into my attention that there is an eventFilter() method that can override mouse wheel events.


    Unfortunately, I would not be able to test this as I am not exposed to the underlying Qt Functions.

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