From DRC marker to its entry in marker browser?

I don't see a command for this, but wanted to check: Is there a way to select a DRC marker in the drawing window and then find its entry in the marker browser?


  • Not based on any knowledge, but wonder whether a marker shape
    has a property associated, that points back to something? Do you
    see anything besides coords, if you select and "q"?

  • No, basically a marker is just a highlight, not an object you can select.

    @yanoff But what is the problem you're trying to solve?


  • @Mathias, I sometimes get violations where it's not obvious what the problem is. I thought if I could locate the specific violation in the marker database the listing of the edge coordinates might provide some insight.

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    Does the error browser let you pick the error and see (and/or
    pan-to, zoom-to) the specific error?

    Is there an independent "zoom to" menu or key-binding, that
    would accept a copy-paste coords pair from said browser

    Is there a facility in the error browser, to "show only" errors of
    a particular "keyword" or rule#?, or within a select-area / coords

    Just "thinking out loud"....

  • Yes, it does ... you can select a DRC error and it will pan to it. But not the other way round.

    But I think it's pretty easy to deduce the marker information from the shape. Here is my favorite setting:

    With this setting, the following marker

    Is shown like this:

    In other words, the two edges are clearly marked. Maybe that will help?


  • I think the interest (which I share) was to find a "location -> list_entry"
    method, complementary to the "list_entry -> location" (pan-to).

    Because sometimes you just want to know "what's THAT?".

    Now here's another stray thought. Could the "marker", which seems
    to have some attached text, receive one more text which is the
    list_entry "index", which somebody could at least scroll to (if not
    grab a paste-able text value and use it to search, which would be
    handier in a long list)? Or, could the marker be made to have
    inspectable properties, same idea? Do markers have object /
    instance names, which could line up with list naming?

  • Another "how to skin it" notion - could there be a scheme where DRC
    markers can be wholesale put into a top-level instance (like DRC_Err)
    placed properly in relation to the topcell (maybe the two, are placed in
    a holding view independent / above, in the GDS file) and in doing this,
    error-list indices added to each marker "now an object"? Push the DRC
    info into a dead-basic layout view, maybe with properties or texts, so
    that layout functions (like 'q') can bear?

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