Copy layers does not copy all after I save it.

I have an issue where I copy a layer under the edit copy layers menu and it looks good. If I then save it and load the same file back in some of the layer data is not there. That said layer data is part of cell. Also, when I compare using XOR it finds everything wrong with the copied layer even though they look the same. Its saved as a OAS file btw.


  • Did you have to add layers before copying to them? If so then
    your .lyp would have to be saved to keep them, and reloaded
    if this is about a new session.

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    @sedborg2 I guess the cells for which you're not seeing an effect of the copy are PCells, correct?

    PCells can't be modified - or rather: they are regenerated when you load them. So when you change something inside them (in this case the copy), these changes are lost upon next load. It's rather a flaw that the copy function allows copying shapes inside them, but that is true for many other algorithms like the DRC functions.

    If you want to keep your changes, make sure you save without cell context. This will turn PCells into normal cells and maintain their content. However, after that, you cannot modify the PCell parameters anymore.


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