How to change Klayout to EIP mode?

Hi sir,
As title , May I know how to change edit to EIP mode?
The current working cell is top cell . But I want to modify sub-cell pattern base on Top cell view.
also , how to back edit cell to current cell?
in previosuly version , that function seems like been defined by hot-key ---shift+X and Shift+B.
(I can't make sure that )


  • ctrl-D = Descend into a selected instance
    ctrl-A = Ascend from an EIP to previous level
    There are settings for how the context above /
    below are displayed which might affect the "in
    place" appearance.

  • And I'd like to add that you can customize the key bindings in File/Setup. The functions are called "zoom_menu.ascend" and "zoom_menu.descend":


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