Launching LVS and DRC checks in KLayout with sky130 PDK.


Can someone please help me with how to launch LVS and DRC checks in klayout with sky130 PDK. I am using KLayout version 0.26.2. Is it too old for running LVS?

Thank you.


  • I would recommend updating to latest, just so you don't
    have -that- as an overhanging question every single time.

    But I have gathered that the Skywater PDK is over-elaborate
    and they chose their own adventure - klayout is the tool, but
    the hand work is the question here. I expect that any "how to
    use the verification tools" should be documented by Skywater.
    Too much setup that is sourced by others. Have you dug to
    the bottom of that pile, in fact?

  • Hi... Thank you so much for your reply. I am very new to KLayout and python.
    I am not sure about how deep I have dug in the pile but I have figured out how to run lvs. Now the problem is that it is giving error while reading netlist file generated by xschem. I am working on that.
    Can you please help me with updating klayout to latest version. If I download the latest version and install it, will that be an update to current version. Will I lose files in .klayout directory?

  • Hi @Naina,

    no you will not lose files in ".klayout" when you install a new version. I guess you're on Linux, so after installing a new package you should see all your previous settings and files. I try to make KLayout as backward compatible as possible.

    But if in doubt, make a backup of .klayout.


  • Hi @Matthias . Thank you so much for your answer. I have one more question. I am using ubuntu 20.04. I have downloaded klayout_0.28.12-1_amd64.deb as it is the latest version. But I am not able to install it. I have previously installed KLayout using git link. Can you please me tell me how to install KLayout using .deb file?

  • Debian / Ubuntu package manager ought to respond to
    a left-double-click. If you have the right permissions and
    are set up right for "associate with" and so on. Or try
    right click and look at options presented.

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