how to install sky130 pdk and library in windows11

I am using windows11. I have been searching around how to install sky130 technology and library for a long time. I have finally managed to installed the sky130 PDK and technology. But I still cannot see its library. It seems that "KLAYOUT_HOME=./sky130_tech klayout -e" does not work in windows11. Thanks, Jay


  • I would expect that Skywater would have instructions if
    Skywater in fact supports a Windows environment. But
    that is not to be assumed. Ask them straight out. I think
    I've seen there are discussion forums specifically for the
    Skywater open source kits. This one looks like info:

    Klayout supports both OSes but that's the tool, not the third
    party data.

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    Hi @zhaoyj,

    Have you tried specifying the full path in "KLAYOUT_HOME"? The start directory on Windows (i.e. ".") is not well defined.

    And the command line you show - that looks like bash, but how exactly are you calling KLayout on Windows?

    Another general remark is: WSL2 is a great way to run Linux (Ubuntu) binaries on Windows. Getting it up and running is a bit difficult sometimes but once it does, it really integrates very well with Windows.


  • Thanks Dick and Mattias,
    I sort of understand the meaning of the that command line "KLAYOUT_HOME=./sky130_tech klayout -e" now after I put it in chatGpt.
    I added both the paths of the Klayout_app.exe and the full directory of sky130_tech in my system environment. I called klayout_app inside directory "sky130_klayout_pdk". My klayout was open but no sky130 package in the manage package list. It is not shown in the technoloy icon list either of course.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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