Any possibility of an Apple Silicon (ARM) version?

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I don't have high hopes, but thought I'd ask given that the last mention of this topic was back in 2021...


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    I’ve been using klayout on an M1 MacBook since that machine came out.

    Install homebrew or anaconda clang and qt (both qt5 and qt6 work) packages, get the klayout sources from GitHub and you’re a 12min compile away from always using the latest and greatest.

    Kazzz excellent build4mac script makes building klayout really easy.

    But if you don’t want to do this, Rosetta allows you to run the macOS x86 packages without issues.

  • I already use homebrew. Are you saying I can effectively do "brew install klayout" (or whatever) and I'll end up with what I'm after? I'm not really a programming person but I sure know how to follow clear instructions if they're written down :-). I've heard of GitHub, and it certainly sounds like a place I'd hang out at, but I wouldn't know what to do when I got there...

  • Get the apple c++ compiler:
    xcode-select –-install

    Get some package dependencies:
    brew install qt5
    brew install git
    brew install ruby
    brew install python

    Get the klayout source code:
    git clone

    Build it:
    cd klayout -r HB32 -p HBAuto -q Qt5Brew -m ‘—jobs=8’ -n -u

    You can download the klayout source via a zip file for GitHub.
    But if you clone it, then ‘git pull’ will quickly download only changed files in the future and you can stay on the latest and greatest in seconds.

  • But otherwise, just install the x86 macOS dmg’s.
    Assuming you have apple Rosetta installed they run very well on an M1.

  • Hello @MickM,

    I'm sorry that I cannot provide the ARM version binary.
    Please try building KLayout from the source if possible.

    Hi @StefanThiede,

    Thanks for your comments.
    A recent KLayout version needs one more dependency.

    brew install libgit2  <--- ver. 1.7.x


  • Thanks guys - great inputs! I haven't actually purchased my Apple Silicon Mac yet, I'm just going through a bunch of key software beforehand to make sure everything will go smoothly. I've since found out that an ancient but critical PC program (for which I have long since lost the installation discs) that I use within a Windows 11 VM can not be migrated to Windows 11 ARM so that's kind of derailed me at the moment. In fact, any Intel Windows VM can't be migrated to an ARM Windows VM :-(

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