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I just compiled 29.1 on a new machine and the binary
is in /opt where I wanted.

However the (Debian) system seems not to know this.

"which klayout" returns nothing.

I can't, by file manager, "pin to Dash" and klayout is not
found by the Software tool search.

How can I make klayout found? Just the searchpath?
Or is there more to it? And why does the not
make it so?

Somehow it worked more automagically the last
time (another machine running Ubuntu).


  • Hi Jim,

    I am not sure about Debian, but I think "/opt" is not in the standard path.

    When you install the .deb packages for Ubuntu, the installer will copy a file called "klayout.desktop" to /usr/share/applications/klayout.desktop. This is where the system finds the tool from the desktop. This is not done by the build script, but rather by the package installer.

    This file can be found in the etc folder of the sources.

    You can modify the file to point to your path. For example, if your installation is in /opt/klayout-0.29.1, you can change the file to

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Klayout, viewer and editor of mask layouts.
    GenericName=layout viewer
    Comment=Klayout is a viewer (and editor) of mask layout in a.o. GDSII and CIF format.
    Exec=/opt/klayout-0.29.1/klayout %f

    (note 'Exec' and 'Icon' keys).


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