Multiple "layer views"?

I'm working on a PDK for a foundry that's had "Brand X"
and "Brand Z" (evidently made by dead-copying plus a
few transcription errors) PDKs made in the past. These
have nearly 200 valid layer/datatype pairs (and Brand X,
a whole mess of "-1/###" ones evidently for internal
point-tool use).

Now this is obviously unwieldy and many layers have
zero value in any particular activity. Many are just
legacy / artifacts of "how Brand X likes to do things".

I wonder whether there is, or could be, "multiple layer
table views" which make visible, valid, displayed, some
subset of the master layer table which is more compact
and maybe purposeful. Like maybe there's one ".lypv"
for plain polygon pushing, another for DRC that maybe
shows derived layers (?), another for just drawing bond
figures (top metal, pad, bulk and bondWire) or whatever,
that the user / PDK developer could define, save, edit,
and then invoke at will by (say) some layers-window
right-click selector?.


  • Hi Jim,

    you can use multiple tabs. Use "Tabs->New Tabs" from the layer list context menu (right-click). You can name tabs using "rename" from the layer tab context menu. When you select a tab, you will see only the layers selected in the tab and with the styles given there.

    This is a quick way to change between tables. When you save such a layer properties file, this file will contain these multiple tabs.


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