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I find Klayout product just now and tried Windows Klayout.
# My 2GB GDS make Klayout crash. This may caused by out of memroy(2GB) in Windows. I will try on Linux later.

Can you consider to read OpenAcess(OA) DB on Klayout?
# You may know that GDS can read into OA using strm2oa utility.

-Kenji Morohashi-


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    Hi Kenji,

    usually the memory requirements are somewhat lower than the (uncompressed) GDS file size (i.e. 1.4G load into 700M of memory). However, when the layout contains many properties attached to shapes or instances or a huge number of cells, the ratio may be larger.

    If you start KLayout in viewer mode, memory requirements are somewhat lower. If you don't need the properties, you can disable properties in the "Reader options" dialog ("File" menu) by unchecking the "Enable properties" box.

    OpenAcess to my knowledge is not under GPL which makes it difficult to incorporate into KLayout.

    Best regards,


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