cannot save large array into GDS2 format?

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Cannot write array references with more than 32767 columns or rows

How can I config to allow this?


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    You are right, I tried to build an array of array : it does not work as it seems that there a maximum size.
    Mathias, do you know where is the limit ?
    WLNE : what is the max size you are trying to reach ?

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    here is the wired part. It is not very repeatable error. I did not even have more than 1E5 cols or rows. It was 5000x5000. And today I tried again, it works OK now. I even tried array of array: 5000x5000 array as a cell then 10x10 array of that cell. It can actually save the GDS. I have no idea why this error pop up from time to time. This is kind of annoying.
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    sorry for the late reply ...

    There is an inherent limit in GDS which does not allow more than 32767 rows or columns. The format allows 65535 when dropping compatibility constraints. But that's it.

    You can try to save to OASIS - there is no such limitation for OASIS files.


  • Hi Matthias,

    Is it possible to drop compatibility constraint when calling "write" ? I was looking into SaveLayoutOptions but couldn't find anything there to disable the compatibility constraint.

    Given that commercial tools don't have this issue, I think supporting disabling of compatibility constraint would be very useful.


  • If the array is highly regular, perhaps you can revise it at
    the source to be an "array of arrays" (like instead of trying
    to deal with 256x256 identical blocks, make 16x16 sub-blocks
    and then a 16x16 array of those?).

    "Some assembly required"....

    Not a general solution, but perhaps a specific one will do
    for now?

  • @world_locus This isn't a compatibility constraint. It's a limitation of the format. You cannot go beyond this limitation with GDS.

    You can use the approach @dick_freebird sketched or switch to OASIS which does not have such a limitation.


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